‘Volo’ is a work full of symbolic values that come together in the artistic career of Giovanni, representing the inner search and the awakening of the soul. ‘Volo’ expresses the speed of light; light as a source of life and beauty, speed as the lightness of air and the soul, with wings that fly towards the liberation of the spirit and of thought.
Wings and light are central elements behind Volo,’ in single or multiple installations on the ground, wall, or ceiling.

Multiples, various sizes. Materials: papier-mâché, porcelain, and incandescent lights. Each light can be adjusted to fit the needs of the environment that hosts it, 2011.

Tratto da

Tratto da

A great motherhood as archetype that, taking inspiration from antiquity, a presents itself as the new object of worship.
The photographic portrait in black and white of a transgender woman with a child, represents a ‘new icon’ in which the two figures are intertwined in an intense embrace, isolated on a background of copper-colored foil. The work creates a dialogue with the observer, questioning them on the topic of motherhood and the role of women in contemporary society. It’s an invitation to reflect on the limits of contemporary culture and on the social and religious stereotypes, since gender identity does not have to match biological sex.

Curated by Rosemarie Sansonetti and Annamaria Traversa, Museo Nuova Era, Bari, Italy.

Wood shovel, copper foil, b/w photographic image, 2009.

RI_USO Suite 611

RI_USO Suite 611

RI_USO Suite 611 at the Raddison Blu es. hotel in the center of Rome is a contemporary design space in which graphic works in circular metal modules of various sizes create a new balance between lightness and relaxation.
Characterized by two colors derived from pigments, gray for the sleeping area and white for the living area, all the elements that define the suite recall the features and colors of metropolitan Rome.
Inside, the large carpet PVC floor area, the bed and the breakfast area, the chairs, tables, and the “paddy” lamp, provide a bright, soft, and perfectly harmonious environment.
RI_USO, produced by Alcar Italia from the idea of Project Manager Bruna Taurino and the Concept Designer Giovanni Lamorgese, is based on creativity and innovation, re-using industrial waste materials, giving them in this context a new meaning of evolution. The RI_USO suite is therefore designed according to sustainable principles, which changes the perception of the space in which it operates through a radical transformation.

Radisson blu es Hotel Rome 2014



An innovative project in the field of sustainable design, born from the union between the concept designer Giovanni Lamorgese and the project manager Bruna Taurino, RI_USO gives new live to industrial waste. Starting with the form of circular iron, tables, chairs, lamps, and chaise longues become contemporary objects with a strong visual impact: sinuous, classically-inspired forms and softer, lighter surfaces provide a new status for used materials, which impose themselves upon the spaces that host them, modifying the traits and making them more intense. The material becomes transparent, resetting the weight of the texture that composes it.

Multiple, variable dimensions. Iron, leather, wood, light bulbs, 2014.

Percorsi - Colli di camicia

Percorsi – Colli di camicia

‘Colli di Camicia’ is a symbol of everyday clothing that harkens back to the evolution of the shirt as a piece of clothing from its origins in the sixteenth century until the eighteenth-century intellectual revolution of the Illuminism. ‘Colli di Camicia’ expresses the thinking and enlightened essence of humanity, the human being that goes out in his everyday clothes to discover and express his own essence beyond the mask of clothing he wears.

Multiples, various sizes. Materials: unique hand-made pieces of maiolica melted at high temperatures, 2014.

Oggetti impossibili

Oggetti impossibili

From the object comes everything that can be seen, everything of substance that is required by science and art.
Impossible objects are distinct realities. They come from a classical form and are simultaneously transformed through gesture. They are also the result of a reversal of the primitive meaning for which the object was created. They are objects constructed by the artist himself, who has contextualized them into the reality that we live within, communicating what he feels and representing everyday life through an interesting and singular transformation.
The gesture, the dexterity, the thought of Giovanni makes the ‘Oggetti impossibili’ unique pieces creating new forms in maiolica with glazed colors.

Unique pieces of glazed maiolica, 2011.

Polittico porco

painted majolica and metal


painted majolica in different sizes


painted majolica in different sizes


painted majolica, iron oxide and gloss paint.

LA MADRE, né fame né sete

La Madre, nè fame nè sete

The new space dedicated to gastronomy and art, created in the historic city of Parabita in Salento, aims to be a reference to the earth and to nature, with a simple, genuine, and sustainable style of living. It is a space of conviviality and gathering where one can sample dishes and share, at the same time, an intense cultural experience.
Francesco Prete and Elisa Errico envisioned this symbolic union between food, art, and nature, emphasizing the importance of showing respect and responsibility toward the environment.
This space, housed in a renovated historic building, is the fruit of an intense process of stylistic research, with the use of materials such as paper, wood, glass, maiolica, local stone, recycled objects, and ecologically sound solutions.

Project created in 2012 in Parabita (Le).

L'ultima cena

L’ultima cena

The enlargement presented in this work, demonstrates the research of the artist in the photographic medium. The language of photography is special when, crossing the boundaries of the image, it tells a story of characters and events that are, even today, of this contemporary reality. All of the characters depicted, seem to speak to us of some truths, or they seek the same story of a conflict that is never dualism, but that tells us of a unique energy, a sentimental and sensual flowing. Of Eros, of Thanatos. In white on black, here, now. And where the resurrection is a bright horizon (of copper) VITANOVA.

Curated by Rosemarie Sansonetti and Annamaria Traversa – Museo Nuova Era, Bari- Italy.

Pvc, copper foil, b/w photographic print, 2008.



‘Jabot’ is a work composed of lamps that symbolize a path to enlightenment. The neck is the element that supports the head, understood as reason, and therefore light, the same light that illuminates Jabot from within. It is a reference to the age of reason, to humanity’s journey towards the light of intellect and knowledge, which brought man out of the obscurity and darkness that clouded his mind and heart.

Multiples, various sizes. Materials: unique hand-made pieces of maiolica melted at high temperatures, 2012.

Ishtar per l'arte

Ishtar per l’arte

Ishtar, home of passionate travelers, immersed in the colors of the Mediterranean island of Pantelleria, opens the private spaces of its splendid dammuso buildings up to art. It’s an operation that began with the union between Ishtar and the concept designer Giovanni Lamorgese, in order to bring the artistic creations into intimate shared spaces, outside the traditional context of museums and galleries, making them part of our everyday lives and of ourselves. It’s a new mode of viewing and enjoying the beauty of contemporary creation, living closely with the work of art, day after day.

Installations of contemporary art, from 2012.