Almà Art Studio

Almà Art Studio

Spaces becoming poetry. This is the main theme behind the Almà studio concept where every element composing it is a perfect armony: from ‘Lights Retrò’ modern antiques lights to the contemporary art pieces, a mix between mystic spirituality, art and design. This is a new dimension of living, open, flexible, minimal and Mediterranean.

Project created in 2021 in Parabita (Le).

ph. credits Raffaella Quaranta



A location devoted to universal love. At the entrance of this building, the artwork ‘Looove’, is an invitation to come into the 5th dimension, the one of peace and calm, where to find oneself. The site – specific installation, is an urban art intervention which overlooks the square opposite the block, embracing a deep spiritual meaning.

Italy 2017.

RI_USO Suite 611

RI_USO Suite 611

RI_USO Suite 611 at the Raddison Blu es. hotel in the center of Rome is a contemporary design space in which graphic works in circular metal modules of various sizes create a new balance between lightness and relaxation.
Characterized by two colors derived from pigments, gray for the sleeping area and white for the living area, all the elements that define the suite recall the features and colors of metropolitan Rome.
Inside, the large carpet PVC floor area, the bed and the breakfast area, the chairs, tables, and the “paddy” lamp, provide a bright, soft, and perfectly harmonious environment.
RI_USO, produced by Alcar Italia from the idea of Project Manager Bruna Taurino and the Concept Designer Giovanni Lamorgese, is based on creativity and innovation, re-using industrial waste materials, giving them in this context a new meaning of evolution. The RI_USO suite is therefore designed according to sustainable principles, which changes the perception of the space in which it operates through a radical transformation.

Radisson blu es Hotel Rome 2014

LA MADRE, né fame né sete

La Madre, nè fame nè sete

The new space dedicated to gastronomy and art, created in the historic city of Parabita in Salento, aims to be a reference to the earth and to nature, with a simple, genuine, and sustainable style of living. It is a space of conviviality and gathering where one can sample dishes and share, at the same time, an intense cultural experience.
Francesco Prete and Elisa Errico envisioned this symbolic union between food, art, and nature, emphasizing the importance of showing respect and responsibility toward the environment.
This space, housed in a renovated historic building, is the fruit of an intense process of stylistic research, with the use of materials such as paper, wood, glass, maiolica, local stone, recycled objects, and ecologically sound solutions.

Project created in 2012 in Parabita (Le).

Ishtar per l'arte

Ishtar per l’arte

Ishtar, home of passionate travelers, immersed in the colors of the Mediterranean island of Pantelleria, opens the private spaces of its splendid dammuso buildings up to art. It’s an operation that began with the union between Ishtar and the concept designer Giovanni Lamorgese, in order to bring the artistic creations into intimate shared spaces, outside the traditional context of museums and galleries, making them part of our everyday lives and of ourselves. It’s a new mode of viewing and enjoying the beauty of contemporary creation, living closely with the work of art, day after day.

Installations of contemporary art, from 2012.

Dimora d'artista

Photo credits: Annalisa Conserva

Dimora d’artista

Dimora d’Artista opens private spaces to art. Apartment buildings, houses, and other places are transformed into galleries that are open to the public, showing their soul to those who, with curiosity and interest, are able to go beyond the limit imposed by the thin line that separates local and global production. Since several years, Luogo d’Arte has been promoting the culture of creativity, shifting the focus onto the conceptual meaning of the artistic object, with the knowledge of how to lead each visitor on a sensory journey, starting from the source, where ideas are born and become matter, in a play of shifting gradations of shape and color.

Installations by Rosemarie Sansonetti and Giovanni Lamorgese – 2015.

Giocando al trullo

Giocando al trullo

Apulia, a land with a long history of hospitality, becomes the location for installations from seven contemporary artists, dedicated to the theme of play, to reassert the importance and the right of all children to have a childhood and to grow up in a safe world, without violence, surrounded by the affection of loved ones.
Sensitive to the sad and paradoxical experience of Daniele Bosio, the Italian diplomat who has dedicated his life to volunteering and who has been unjustly detained for a long time in the Philippines, with this initiative we give dignity to children and to those who work every day to make the world a better place.

Contemporary artistic installations – 2014



RI_USO nomade

RI_USO Nomade

The project “Nomad RI_USO” for the Temporary Museum for New Design at Milan Design Week 2014. A contemporary installation with essential lines and a soft, light design that fills and brightens up the space. Carpets and curtains are symbols of nomadism and its itinerant and changing nature; they modify the whole essence of the location transforming its nature and form. The “Mutamenti” lights and all RI_USO items have their own “conceptual essence” which creates movement in time and space by transforming the conventional use and meaning of materials, a sign of a metamorphosis that tells a unique story.

RI_USO for Temporary Museum for New Design
April 2014 – Milan, Italy.

RI_USO in colour

RI_USO in colour

The ‘RI_USO in colour’ collection, preview in Paris at Maison & Objet, in the special section of Now! design à vivre, the avant-garde showcase for ideas and creations of contemporary design.

RI_USO, Now! design à vivre Maison & Objet, Paris, January 2014