Oggetti impossibili

From the object comes everything that can be seen, everything of substance that is required by science and art.
Impossible objects are distinct realities. They come from a classical form and are simultaneously transformed through gesture. They are also the result of a reversal of the primitive meaning for which the object was created. They are objects constructed by the artist himself, who has contextualized them into the reality that we live within, communicating what he feels and representing everyday life through an interesting and singular transformation.
The gesture, the dexterity, the thought of Giovanni makes the ‘Oggetti impossibili’ unique pieces creating new forms in maiolica with glazed colors.

Unique pieces of glazed maiolica, 2011.

Polittico porco

painted majolica and metal


painted majolica in different sizes


painted majolica in different sizes


painted majolica, iron oxide and gloss paint.