Bugie vere, vere bugie

The artwork takes inspiration from the nineteenth-century tradition of papier mâché processing techniques developed at the long-standing Mario Di Donfrancesco’s atelier in the Baroque italian city of Lecce. The heads are created using the original molds from masters Guacci and Caretta, and followed the ancient manifacturing method, modelled by the artist himself in the final phase, completing unique contemporary objects imbued with spirituality and secularism. ‘Bugie Vere, Vere Bugie’ performs a twist of the human inner, invisible paths and the secret truths of his soul, unveiling people’s everyday masks that usually hide weaknesses to the outer world. It is an allegory for the pursuit of perfection, the stuggle in keeping appearances alive and the fear of losing an ideal moral integrity. Every head, as part of the whole installation, is the symbol of a timeless tale connecting truth and lie, past and present, love and betrayal, fiction and reality. It’s only when entering the dimension of magic that everything happens.

Majolica, iron oxide, gloss paint, 2017.

– ‘Between two seas’, Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica, LA, (USA), 2019,
– ‘I may not be there’,  Palazzo Mongiò, Galatina (IT), 2017,
– ‘Tredici Teste. L’ultima Cena’,  MAAAC, Cisternino (IT), 2017,
– ‘Bozzetto a tu per tu’, Usomagazzino, Pescara (IT), 2017,
– ‘A tu per tu’, Museo Nuova Era, Bari (IT), 2018.