Dining & Food

The table and the objects that compose it become an expression of a contemporary reality that mixes the concept of the artistic installation with the more pure and essential concept of high design, in which each element has been designed to express its uniqueness, at the same time redefining the space that contains it. The aesthetics to which Giovanni makes reference are inspired by the canon of Italian minimalism, which becomes functional for the historical and social present, opening it up to new visual perspectives. Each element comprising the table is then able to promote sharing and generate dialog, referring not only to a formal experience, but also an inner, sensory one that, through symbolism and conceptual evolution leads us to rediscover the intimacy of everyday life, exploring all of the possible existing connections between art and food.


The hole as a starting point in a process that gives life to the plate: from wall installations to central element of the table, where it becomes a container. The parallel lines become a way to unite the concept to the need, through the flavor of food.
Multiples, various sizes.
Materials: glazed, hand-painted maiolica.


Uneven surfaces that make up geometric designs through food, the ‘Appetizers’, created in maiolica from a form of pure clay, are small objects of food design, halfway between a pleasure for the eyes and a pleasure for the palate, to be savored slowly.
Multiples, various sizes.
Materials: glazed maiolica.