Le origini in tre atti

“Le origini in tre atti” is a performative act in three parts, designed to represent the origin of life: a man, a woman, and nature.
The protagonist of the first act is a man in his nakedness, whose face is entirely covered by a unicorn mask, a phallic symbol of power and prolific strength granted by nature.
The second act sees the woman at the center of the scene, an ethereal figure that seems to belong to both the terrestrial and celestial worlds. It is symbolized by the convex shape that identifies femininity, the delicacy of its being, and its biological role as the generator of life and bearer of beauty.
The third act is a video installation that cites Marcel Duchamp’s “Nudes Descending a Staircase,” built on the island of Pantelleria, which was hit by a devastating fire. The third element, fire, enters the scene, dominant like the force that destroys the creation while also leading to regeneration.
The purification from fire leads to a new birth, represented by the racing of human figures into the future.

‘Le origini in tre atti’, performance and video installation by Giovanni Lamorgese, artist in residence for Uno Nove Tre | Liquid Art Gallery, Pantelleria -Italy.