RI_USO Suite 611

RI_USO Suite 611 at the Raddison Blu es. hotel in the center of Rome is a contemporary design space in which graphic works in circular metal modules of various sizes create a new balance between lightness and relaxation.
Characterized by two colors derived from pigments, gray for the sleeping area and white for the living area, all the elements that define the suite recall the features and colors of metropolitan Rome.
Inside, the large carpet PVC floor area, the bed and the breakfast area, the chairs, tables, and the “paddy” lamp, provide a bright, soft, and perfectly harmonious environment.
RI_USO, produced by Alcar Italia from the idea of Project Manager Bruna Taurino and the Concept Designer Giovanni Lamorgese, is based on creativity and innovation, re-using industrial waste materials, giving them in this context a new meaning of evolution. The RI_USO suite is therefore designed according to sustainable principles, which changes the perception of the space in which it operates through a radical transformation.

Radisson blu es Hotel Rome 2014