La Madre, nè fame nè sete

The new space dedicated to gastronomy and art, created in the historic city of Parabita in Salento, aims to be a reference to the earth and to nature, with a simple, genuine, and sustainable style of living. It is a space of conviviality and gathering where one can sample dishes and share, at the same time, an intense cultural experience.
Francesco Prete and Elisa Errico envisioned this symbolic union between food, art, and nature, emphasizing the importance of showing respect and responsibility toward the environment.
This space, housed in a renovated historic building, is the fruit of an intense process of stylistic research, with the use of materials such as paper, wood, glass, maiolica, local stone, recycled objects, and ecologically sound solutions.

Project created in 2012 in Parabita (Le).